What other areas are there for the use of humic acid?

In addition to using it in nutritional supplements, other areas may benefit from the positive effects of humic acid.

Healthy food

Humic acid can be used in the food industry as well, since numerous consumers avoid taking dietary supplements, and would prefer intake by chewing gum, jam, tea or chocolate.


There are several skin diseases that should be treated both inside and outside at the same time. In this case taking food supplements can be completed by a treatment with creams or by using body lotions and hygiene products. The rejuvenating effect of humic acid can be effective in the field of facial creams.

Bath therapy, treatment

Bath accessories containing humic acid have their beneficial effect through the skin pores dilated in warm water. With the use of this method different muscolo-skeletal diseases, arthritis, bone deformation, etc. can be treated effectively.