HUMIC ACID is nature's wonderful gift. It's on the right track to be the healing wonder of the 21st century.

Why is Hungarian humic acid outstanding?

We are proud to announce that the world's best quality and purest humic material buildup can be found in Hungary. This 10-30,000 years old peat field lies at 6 meters under the surface, in volcanic environment, which is unique in the world. Because it was isolated from the pollution of the past half century, it could stay incredibly pure. In contrast to other peat fields in the world, the site in Hungary is free from surface contamination, such as industrial contaminants, and fertilizers and has a very high humic acid content. The active ingredient of HUMICIN® dietary supplement product lineoriginates from peat with such excellent properties. Humic acid is extracted from peat by a gentle agent-extraction technology; and HUMICIN® pills are produced with the use of a new, patented manufacturing process.

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What is humic acid?

Humic substances are produced during thousand years of microbial degradation of dead plant matter, by plant humification. Belonging to the humic family, the biologically active and very valuablehumic acids and fulvic acids contain at least 70 types of minerals, which can all be absorbed in biologically usable form. These organic macromolecules with a long molecule chain and special characteristics can be obtained from peat humus formed from homogenic plants in the Carboniferous period.

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Why do we need products containing humic acid?

Nowadays the human body may have nutritional deficiencies for three different reasons:

  • 1. Unfortunately our food no longer contains adequate amounts of minerals and trace elements vital for the body, due to the fully depleted, low-quality soil and fertilizers. It is scientifically justified that our cereals, cereal-based food, vegetables and fruits contain only a fraction of the previous vitamin and micro-nutrient content. The same is true for food of animal origin, since cereals fed to animals contain less and less minerals. The micro-nutrient deficit is apparent in the human body at the top of the food chain as well.
  • 2. Bad habits,such as smoking may accelerate the excretion of some trace elements from the body.
  • 3. Food processing (cooking, canning) impairs the biological usability of a number of trace elements

These nutritional deficiencies must be supplemented so that our body can work appropriately.

However, the source of the supplement matters a lot. The main goal is to provide organic mineral and trace element intake, where organic means the form similar to theoriginal form, as this form can be best used by the body.

This process is catalyzed by humic acid.

Humic acids are bonded to metallic ions in a way which prevents further reaction with other substances. The metal ions are "pinched" in chelate bonding (chelate comes from the Greek word for pincers), similar to the way a crab pinches objects. In this way the metal ions are saved from the acids and enzymes present in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as from other substances in food, which would be absorbed slightly or not at all.

Due to the positive effect of HUMIC ACIDS, micro-nutrients and trace elements (e.g. iron, chromium, zinc, copper, and selenium) are absorbed in the body in the appropriate form and to the sufficient extent.

HUMIC ACIDS have beneficial effects; studying this area is a dynamically developing part of health sciences.

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The 13 beneficial effects of humic acid and fulvic acid:

  • 1. immune strengthening,immune stimulating effect
  • 2. anti-allergic effect
  • 3. anti-bacterial, antiviral effect ("natural antibiotic")
  • 4. liver-regenerating effect
  • 5. anti-inflammatory effect
  • 6. red blood cell increasing effect
  • 7. excellent antioxidant: protection against the cytopathic effects of free radicals
  • 8. protection against radiation exposure, regeneration of the haematopoietic system (recommended as supplementary therapy to radiation therapy)
  • 9. supporting the skin's natural protection against UV radiation
  • 10. rapid rheumatic pain relief for arthritis
  • 11. regular daily consumption has general energizing and disease prevention effect
  • 12. detoxification: excreting heavy metals accumulated in the body (e.g. mercury, cadmium, cobalt, lead) due to its chelating features, see: Natural Humicin® capsule
  • 13. due to the metal binding ability of humic acids, essential micro-nutrients (iron, selenium, chromium, zinc, copper) are ingested in an organic form, improving their absorption and utilization, see: Ferrous Humicin® capsule,Selenium Humicin® capsule,Chromium Humicin® capsule,Macro and micro-nutrient Humicin® capsule
  • (Source: Dr. Richard J. Laub MS, PhD, CChem, FRSC, professor and research leader at Ohio State University, then at San Diego State University

    Modern people in our artificial environment can hardly exist without this wonder of nature if healthy, happy and long life is desired.

What other areas are there for the use of humic acid?

In addition to using it in nutritional supplements, other areas may benefit from the positive effects of humic acid.

Healthy food

Humic acid can be used in the food industry as well, since numerous consumers avoid taking dietary supplements, and would prefer intake by chewing gum, jam, tea or chocolate.


There are several skin diseases that should be treated both inside and outside at the same time. In this case taking food supplements can be completed by a treatment with creams or by using body lotions and hygiene products. The rejuvenating effect of humic acid can be effective in the field of facial creams.

Bath therapy, treatment

Bath accessories containing humic acid have their beneficial effect through the skin pores dilated in warm water. With the use of this method different muscolo-skeletal diseases, arthritis, bone deformation, etc. can be treated effectively.